I felt that there was to much chaos within the last campaign and that it along with other details caused the world to become either to easy , to hard or even form plot holes. So along with trying a new campaign there is also new rules.
DM’S Commandments
1. Arguments should not last longer then 2 to 3 minutes if they do I will break it up. In the course of it being an argument over what action to take if I have to break it up I will force an action apon the group as a deterent for future arguments.
2. Try and be more role-like, its fun to sit and roll dice and crack jokes but i feel the story and depth of my campaigns arent fully hit when people dont think how their character would act or they do something completly illogical to any character. I ask people to try and play more like their character , speaking like them would be cool but not what I mean. Just try and do actions YOUR character would do that are within reason. Dont come to me saying “Since my character is neutral evil he would TOTALLY stab that baby.” Excesive acts that go against your character will result in negatives for said character.
3. Its a give and take game, there will be times when maybe something you really want to do will be over ruled by a majority. While your free to do your own thing it really blotches the game up at times so remember the point of table top games is for everyones, including the DM’S, enjoyment and really should be considerate for others. I will do my best to prevent there being a favored person whom chooses the courses of actions everytime.
4. DM Trumps rules, plain and simple. I may not know everything about the rules so if you find one that I break , let me know (BUT DO NOT INTERRUPT THE SESSION FOR IT) as soon as possible and i’ll look over the rule , if I find it to be a good rule ill implement it for future cases where it applies. If I dislike the rule or think its to harsh then i’ll blotch it in my campaigns. The rule book is a general direction guide on how to play the game , not a bible that needs to be followed exactly.
5. Story trumps rules, I dont have to do this to often but if the story is the matter in question I might bend all rules around a given event. Such as if a character is crucial to a plot point and the players try to kill him, I will pull every convinent/god given protection to that NPC I can.
6. Have fun , I feel the group at times was more hostile towards each other then helpfull and that simply just dosent fit. I dont want groups forming within the group so If i notice that or players becoming hostile I hold all the right to remove you from the group plain and simple.

That being said here are the new Restrictions:
Races Available: Human , Dwarves, Halflings, Dhampirs, Half Orcs.
Classes Available: All core & Base classes. For simplicity i’d Rather avoid any found outside of these two books.

Other changes: The original world was steam punkish , this one is not. And there is a diferent kind of main focus to this then the other that I will note when we reach the point it starts. If you have any questions Please ask me I will be working on lore , maps , etc , etc.

Reclaiming Altora

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